Top 10 Prom Hairstyles For 2017

Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means…so is prom! 

While prom or graduation is one of the most memorable nights for any teenage girl, it can also be one of the most daunting. First there’s the prom dress…then the prom hair…then the prom makeup…then the prom date…then the prom limo…the list goes on! Well, lovelies, we’re here to let you know that prom doesn’t have to be so difficult, and sometimes, just celebrating the end of high school and getting one step closer to adulthood with your best friends is all you need to have the perfect night.

Oh, and the perfect prom hairstyle, of course! Read on for our favourite prom hairstyles we know you’ll love. 

Glam waves and sexy curls

There are so many prom hairstyles for long hair that it can get quite overwhelming. Sometimes, the easiest and most effortless hairstyles go a long way…after all, you want the focus to be on YOU, and your hairstyle to complement your entire outfit, not take over your look! Big, loose curls and waves look totally glamorous, are super easy to create at home, and will give your hair beautiful volume without breaking the bank. 

To get the look, all you need is a large barrel curling wand, and some Luxy Hair extensions for instant length and gorgeous volume for to really pump up the drama. Here are 3 easy ways to get big, sexy curls that will have you looking like the belle of the ball. 

Mermaid Braids

When choosing prom hairstyles for long hair, big, bold, beautiful braids are totally trendy for prom this year. Have fun with this one…formal hairstyles don’t have to be so serious! From messy, boho inspired braids, to layered braids, to braids with flowers and pearls, the key here is lots of length and lots of volume for that mermaid look. The best way to achieve this is to add clip-in hair extensions, which can be strategically placed throughout your hair for added thickness, while staying totally hidden. 

These graduation hairstyles may take a bit of a work, but they are totally easy to create, we promise! All you need is a bit of patience and a a bit of braiding skill to bring it all together. Here’s how to re-create Zane’s lovely layered braid with Dirty Blonde Luxies, Mimi’s magnificent mermaid braid with Ombre Chestnut Luxies, and this stunning summer inspired braid with flowers because let’s face it…summer, sunshine, and flowers always bring a smile to our faces no matter what the occasion. 

Bubble pony tail

Here’s an off-the-cuff, easy hairstyle for long hair to try. This prom hairstyle works great if you are wearing a simple dress and really want your hair to steal the show. Inspired by Princess Jasmine, the bubble ponytail is one of the more edgy hairstyles for prom, but looks totally chic at the same time. 

There are two variations on this style – a high bubble ponytail, and a low, sleek bubble ponytail. We recommend to choose the high ponytail hairstyle if you want to show off your back and give off a fun and flirty feel, and the low ponytail and if you’d like to keep things more elegant and sophisticated. 

Slicked back high ponytail

Calling all Ariana Grande fans…this one’s for you! You didn’t think we were going to skip over Ariana Grande’s iconic slicked back ponytail with mega volume, did you? Not only is this hairstyle totally glam for prom and graduation, it’s comfortable, versatile, and will keep your hair out of your face all night as you dance the night away. Learn how to get the look here. 

French braid crown with loose waves

This hairstyle is one of our favourites because it is versatile enough to be a prom hairstyle for long hair or a prom hairstyle for short hair. Half up half down hairstyles are super trendy, as they give off that effortless, boho chic vibe, while still staying formal enough for prom or graduation. To create this look, simply part your hair as you’d like, and create a french braid down each side of your hair, cross the braids and wrap each side around your hair, and secure with bobby pins. Add your favourite jewelled hair accessory to finish off the look. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to create this easy hairstyle. (Pro tip: you can curl your hair with a hair straightener if you don’t have a curling wand – learn how here.) 

Twisted Updo hairstyle

Updos are a classic hairstyle for prom, and never go out of style. Whether you have short hair or long hair, an updo adds elegance, timelessness, and sophistication to your look. Updos don’t have to be totally elaborate – in fact, you can create this updo by yourself at home, with beautiful results. In this tutorial, Ashley has short hair, and uses her Chocolate Brown Luxies to add thickness to her twisted bun. This step can be skipped – just curl your hair as usual and twist your hair into a bun, securing with bobby pins.

Low, romantic bun

Listen, whether you have a prom date or not, prom can be totally romantic! You’re spending the night celebrating the end of aspect of your life and welcoming a new one, all with the people you love. If that isn’t a recipe for romance, we don’t know what is. This romantic, low bun is perfect for a prom hairstyle – it looks refined, graceful, and stylish, and looks way more complicated than it is. You don’t need super long hair to recreate it either – even if your hair is shorter, just follow the same steps, fan out or “pancake” the braid, and continue on. You can even add a twist by braiding the sections that wrap around the bun for an ultra sweet vibe.

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